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Parts & Accesories

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Oil Filter

What is Toyota Genuine Oil Filter?

Toyota genuine oil filter helps protect your engine against dirt and remove any harmful particles from the oil as it flows through the engine. Oil filters contained safety features like bypass valve to avoid restricted oil flow within in the event of a clogged filter; and an anti-drain back valve.

Importance of Oil Filter

Your Genuine Toyota oil filter plays a critical role in your engine’s longevity and performance, It also help prevent potential engine damage from happening.

Why replace them?

  • Oil is constantly exposed with moisture, carbon, microscopic metallic grit and blow-by-gases .
  • These contaminants gather in the filter over time, reducing its efficiency and restricting oil flow.

When to replace?

Oil filters and engine oil should be change according to the manufacturer’s required maintenance schedule.

Air Filter

What is Toyota Genuine Air Filter?

A Toyota genuine air filters help trap airborne contaminants such as dust, dirt, pollen and other particles before they reach your engine, preventing premature wear to internal components.  There are two types, each incorporating advanced technology: an electrostatic filter that holds an electrostatic charge to trap contaminants, and a premium charcoal filter that incorporates more layer of activated carbon that will remove odours from incoming air.

Importance of Air Filter

Your Toyota genuine air filters are engineered specifically for your vehicle to improve the air you breathe and keep your heating and ventilation system working at peak efficiency.

Why replace them?

  • Your cabin air filter will become extremely dirty over time, which will slow down the airflow through your vehicle’s heating and ventilation system.
  • Reduced airflow can also impact the long-term reliability of heating and ventilation parts that depend on airflow for cooling, like the parts that regulate fan speed and the fan motor itself.

When to replace?

Regular inspection will indicate when it’s time to change your filter. If you drive regularly in heavy traffic, or in dusty environments your filter should be checked more often.

Spark Plug

What is Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs are extremely important. It is part of Vehicle engine. It is located inside the cylinder head where they create the spark that ignites fuel — the combustion that enables your engine to run. Toyota provides a variety of replacement spark plugs made mainly for your vehicle’s engine, including U-Groove, Dual-Ground Electrode, Double Platinum and Iridium spark plugs

Why replace them?

A dirty, worn out or Spark plugs that have outlived their time will cause misfires in your engine which may result in reduced performance and fuel economy.

When to replace?

Regular inspection will indicate when it’s time to change your spark plugs since It is difficult to know the right time to change simply by looking, spark plug are covered on the upper side of the engine.

Fuel Filter

What is Toyota Genuine Fuel Filter?

A Genuine Toyota Fuel Filter combines polyester and glass fibers with standard paper filter material. This allows small particles to be caught and held without interrupting the fuel flow. Many non-genuine fuel filters clog easily which reduces filtering capability.

Importance of Fuel Filter?

Toyota Genuine Fuel Filters are engineered to catch particles as small as ten microns, yet still maintain a smooth flow of fuel. Lesser quality filters use poorly constructed filter papers, which allow larger impurities to clog and corrode the engine, causing engine malfunction.

Why replace them?

Fuel is the lifeblood of your engine. Therefore, it is vital that it is totally free of any contaminants before it enters the workings of your engine. It is the role of the Fuel Filter to trap any foreign matter and provide a clean flow of fuel for smooth performance and engine longevity.

When to replace?

Check your service manual to see when your Fuel Filter should be replaced. If you have your Toyota serviced by our dealership, the Fuel Filter will always be recommended for replacement according to its servicing schedule.

Break Pads

What is Toyota Genuine Brake Pads?

Toyota genuine brake pads are designed to secure utmost safety. From calipers to brake pads, drums, rotors and shoes. Brake components help provide utmost safety and durability.

Importance of Brake Pads

Braking system is the most significant safety feature within your Toyota. The capacity to stop and slow mostly in poor driving conditions or emergencies depends entirely on the performance of your brakes.

Why replace them?

Over Time brake pads will wear out and need to be replaced, Continuous driving with worn out brake pads is extremely dangerous. Brake pads that wearing unevenly can cause the car to swerve under braking, and it can also be indicated by squeaking and screeching as well as a reduction in stopping power.

When to replace?

As your brake pads becomes thinner and thinner, it will eventually get to the point where it should be replaced. Take it to our dealership and ask your service technician to check your brake pads and brakes to see if the thickness is at a good level and to know when to replace it.

Drive Belt

What is Toyota Drive Belts?

A Drive Belt is a long, durable and continuous belt-like material that you can find in the engine arrangement. Its primary job is to connect the power steering, the alternator and the air conditioner to the crankshaft.

Importance of Drive Belt

Since the drive belt connects all the significant components that make up the engine, any defect, damage or problem with it may compromise your vehicle’s performance.

Why replace them?

A defective drive belt could influence the performance of your vehicle’s auxiliary systems, not to mention a loud squealing sound from under the hood. Squeaks and uneven abrasion may occur and you’re engine may not run as smoothly as it could or worse – requiring early replacement of the belt.

When to replace?

Consider having your drive belt inspected or replaced by a professional from time to time to keep your vehicle running at its best.


What is Toyota Clutch?

A genuine Toyota Clutch won’t bend or wear easily, has a long life and is compatible with your specific Toyota model.

Importance of Clutch

A smooth driving experience and enhanced performance thanks to grooves on the clutch face and specifically designed dampers. It is Chrome-coated and hardened components for durability .Made from environment- friendly fiber glass, a perfect fit for every Toyota model

Why replace them?

They are essential in changing gears, speed and safety, allowing you to stay in complete control of your Toyota. Clutches are constantly exposed to friction, so they gradually deteriorate over time.

When to replace?

Take it to our dealership to get your vehicle’s clutch diagnosed. Delaying your visit will put your safety under jeopardy and if you delay for too long, note that you are just awaiting an impending huge expense, which could have easily been averted by paying timely attention to your clutch related issues.

Shock Absorber

What is Shock Absorber?

The shock absorber is a suspension part that manages the bounce of the vehicle’s wheels. Their main job is to dampen the motion of the vehicle, preventing it from bouncing on its suspension springs while driving.

Importance of Shock Absorber

Effective shock absorbers help you to avoid a bumpy ride in your Toyota, but they’re also essential for driving safety and offer the smoothest ride possible

Why replace them?

Over time Shock absorbers will deteriorate and need to be replaced, a worn-out shock absorber may produce a knocking noise when driving over bumps. Driving with a failed shock absorber is not safe.

When to replace?

To ensure safe driving, have your shock absorbers checked regularly by our service team.

Body Parts

What is Toyota Body Parts?

They are exact fit parts with all the bolt holes and clips line up. They are of the same model’s color and trim level

Importance of Toyota Body Parts

In an accident, counterfeit parts not made to Toyota’s standards may affect crumple zones and air bags reducing vehicle safety.

Why replace them?

To keep your Toyota in great shape. That means body parts should be replaced if they become damaged.

When to replace

Collisions and the ravages of time and the elements can take the toll on your Toyota. Visit our authorized dealership for your genuine body parts.


What is Toyota Muffler?

Genuine Toyota mufflers are built with the quality materials and workmanship you expect from Toyota, with welded one-piece unitized construction for durability and a precise fit.

Importance of Muffler

Help minimize exhaust noise and vibration. And tune exhaust back pressure for efficient engine performance. It also helps direct heat and exhaust gases away from vehicle.

Why replace them?

When you find yourself suddenly paying more for each fill or filling your tank more often.

When to replace?

The most common tipoff is noise. If your vehicle is usually quiet and you now hear it rumble. When you have a muffler with a hole in it, you may hear a rumbling noise. When they start to emit foul-smelling fumes. Inhaling these fumes or dispelling them to the environment–is highly unhealthy, and oftentimes fatal.